Bernadette Szocs

Bernadette Szocs

We are proud to announce the European Team Table Tennis Champion 2017, Bernadette Szocs, as our first official Nicoline Ambassador. Especially, Bernadette shows significants sports results, currently World 28, and stands a role model for thousands of female athletes Worldwide. 
Bernadette shares her thoughts about the collaboration:
“I am very excited to be the ambassador of this wonderful company. Nicoline’s idea is one of the best ideas that someone could have! It is the perfect bracelet for all women and young ladies who love to combine sport and jewelry. I wear it with jeans, dresses, at the pool or in my favorite place; the practice hall. The bracelet is always with me wether I am on holiday, or getting ready for a wedding. During the tournaments, it’s my little touch of chic, while performing all over the world.

I want this business to grow, at least as big as my love for this product. The mix between fashion and sport is an unexplored field, where magic things like this bracelet, happen. I am happy to be part of this amazing team!

Wear your bracelet with a big smile and the world will smile back to you!”

Bernadette and Nicoline Copenhagen are very happy about this collaboration and are looking forward to share more exciting news.

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