I am Nicoline

I am Nicoline

Hi everybody, and welcome to my website. My name is Nicoline and I'm the inventor of the bracelets sold in this site. I came up with the idea around 9 months ago and now I'm finally ready to share it with you guys - and I'm sooo excited!

However, as you might have discovered, I'm selling bracelets. But not just any bracelet actually. I have the product for you who always throw away your hair tie and create ugly marks on your wrist because you put them there to be sure you have them nearby. Well, lets put an end to that because with my bracelet you will always have a hair tie on you for when you need it the most, and it will not sit tight on your wrist preventing your blood to circulate. And the most amazing part? It's beautiful!! And there are so many options to mix and match in order for you to create new styles every day.

If you are wondering more about who I am, then you're welcome to continue reading and for those of you who just want to get your fingers on one of those bracelets, go on (I would have done the same thing). Actually, here is a link for my favorite model for you to check out (https://nicolinecopenhagen.com/products/gold-ravishing-rose).

So, as I said, I'm Nicoline and I'm living in Copenhagen (and there you got the name). Actually, I have not been living in Copenhagen for that long time, but I'm already fascinated by this modern, authentic city!! It is really something to be proud of, and that's why I chose to include the city to my name.

I really hope that you'll enjoy this webshop, and please don't forget to follow my Instagram and Facebook for more beautiful pictures and exciting news.


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